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Don’t see a Come Try Ringette in your area? 

Register to this event to have your name put onto a waitlist and Ringette Alberta will contact you with more information about Ringette and Come Try Ringette events in the future.
(RSVPing to this event is paused for a network issue. Please use this google form to register your interest, it will act the same as if you were to RSVP here directly)

There may not be any Come Try Ringette’s posted to your area yet, but instead of checking up on the events, just register your interest in going to a Come Try Ringette here! We will keep in contact with you about new Ringette activities, and most importantly on events as they are scheduled.

If you are looking for more immediate information, your local Ringette Association might have the answer for you, contact them. If you are unsure as to your association or any contacts, email lauren@ringettealberta.com.

Ringette Alberta will start sending out information on Come Try Ringette Events towards the later part of January.

Thank you for your interest in Ringette and attending a Come Try Ringette in the future 🙂



Year Around Event (2023)


Ringette Alberta

Ringette Alberta Association 11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB, T5M 3K6

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